The great interest in Judo at our school is largely due to Mr Moore's enthusiasm and commitment. All the boys in his care thoroughly enjoy his session and much constructive work is done.'
Mr Moore has impressed with his professionalism, punctuality and ability to motivate the boys in his care. He is a reliable and friendly person who has performed his duties exceptionally well and he easily obtains the full co-operation of all the boys in his care.
Mr Moore has been an asset to the school and we have benefited from the experience and expertise that he has brought to our activities programme.
– G Baguley, Head of Games, St John's Beaumont
Thank you for teaching me judo since I was 7. I really enjoyed doing it! I learnt a lot of skills and now I know how to protect myself. I am really grateful for all the time you spent teaching me all of the things I now know.
– Grace Kilgour-Miller
Thank you very much for being my judo teacher all these years. You've been really good and I've got quite far, but the real reason why you're good is you are really friendly & helpful & you always know what to do when somebody is hurt. So thanks!
– Francesca Drake
I have really loved doing judo. I hope you have enjoyed teaching me because I really enjoyed being taught by you.
– Lilly Barnett

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