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To apply or renew your licence with the British Judo Association, please visit the British Judo Association website here.

Please note:

To complete your registration you will need the following information:

Club Name: Dragon Judo Club
Club Number: 2550

Judo Kids
The Under 8 Development Scheme is a new nine-step process comprising of nine award levels designed to help coaches reward young players while they develop their fundamental physical, technical, social and psychological skills before moving on to the Mon Grading Scheme at 8 years of age. 


Sho 1


Sho 2


Sho 3


Sho 4


Sho 5


Sho 6


Sho 7


Sho 8


Sho 9

British Judo Association Syllabus
Below you will find grading posters showing the British Judo Association syllabus from 1st Mon to 18th Mon. 

Click the links below to download the posters:

2014_Poster_RED_-_thumbnail.jpg 2014_Poster-YELLOW3_-_thumbnail.jpg

2014_Poster-BLUE_-_thumbnail.jpg 2014-Poster-BROWN_-_thumbnail.jpg

All posters provided by the British Judo Association.


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